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          24小時客服熱線 17771866739



          全國服務咨詢熱線: 17771866739

          打造中國塗料工業的強勢品牌 Build Brand Of Paint


          質量求生存, 以技術求發展 , 以市場爲導向, 以服務爲宗旨.


          全國服務咨詢熱線: +86 0000 96877
          THANKS 感謝以下企業長期以來對我們的支持 技術革新爲導向,品質服務赢取客戶,我們與您一起前行
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          ABOUT US



              Wuhan gold premium paint co., LTD. Is a collection of products research and development, production, sales, pure green pollution-free water-based resin external walls, high-grade water-based metallic paint, water-based paint, natural really stone paint, water-based multi-color, imitation stone paint (water bag of sand, water bag), etc. Series of products in the integration of modern professional paint production enterprises, and accumulated more than ten years of professional experience in paint. Wuhan gold sovereign company with the United States careline marriage ruins of water-based paint technology engineering co., LTD., absorbing European and American technology, senior technical experts together industry, focus on exploring coating frontier, introduces the world advanced coating technology, akzo Nobel, rohm and haas, hand in hand, bayer and other international well-known raw material suppliers, front with industry leading technology products, Form a complete set of the complete product advantages, environmental protection water based architectural coatings as the core product, with latex paint, true stone multi-color laboratory, art wallpaper paint laboratory, formed the features in high-grade products as the core of the five series: water-based building exterior wall paint, interior wall latex paint, art paint, wallpaper decoration wood waterproof paint, floor paint hundred varieties, Hundreds of color coating products.